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    • The Meeting Place Cafe

      San Blas Cusco

      I just finished climbing stairs in Peru, which if you have experienced this, you know how exhausting this journey can be, even for the most athletic person. However, the climb was well worth it. It was a two for one, a great workout and it ended with an amazing view of the whole city. Once I walked back down, I passed a super cute coffee shop. My eyes lit up, I was determined to visit a coffee shop while I was in Peru and this was my chance. I stepped in with excitement and amazement. The Meeting Place was welcoming At the counter was an array of pastries and an assortment of fresh teas. I ordered a Soy Latte (of course) and sat down to write in my journal. After writing, I looked up to see a lady seating at a table at arm's length with paperwork. My boyfriend and I presumed she was the owner and immediately introduced ourselves. She was so sweet and pleasant it did not take long for our conversation to take-off. We learned that her coffee shop is more than providing people like myself their morning or midday cup of Joe. They also give back to the community, in fact, all of the proceeds minus costs goes back to a variety of nonprofits in Peru. Their employees are all volunteers, visitors from around the world stopping by along their travels. A couple from Canada were behind the counter learning the ropes since it was their first day. I was so inspired by this place. It's kind of ironic, I knew I wanted to visit a coffee shop in Peru and I had actually seen a few prior to The Meeting Place, I never went in because of time, but when I saw this one, I knew this one was special. I am so happy I did, plus the coffee was great! If you are ever in Cusco, Peru make sure to visit them and say "hello" to Aracely and Arturo (pictured here along with Angel my other half).


      Check them out:


      Le French Cafe

      I love the soy latte at Rosallie. And don't get me started on the food...Okay, since you twisted my arm. The food is sooo good and the pastries are made fresh in house...yes please! But I have to be a good girl, I only partake in the delectable choices this place has to offer on my cheat day. I usually choose an almond croissant with a latte of course, or The EST sandwich on Gluten Free bread (yes they offer it...fresh) this warm sandwich has melted brie cheese tomatoes, and pesto sauce.

      Rosallie is never a disappointment the ambiance is amazing with beautiful decorations and french music playing in the background. You can find me here working alooot! I take everyone here, which is the reason I chose this place for the first video. Click the video below and lets enjoy a cup of Joe! Haha...I rhymed!




      Thank you: Rosallie


      Pour Coffeehouse

      My favorite part about visiting a Coffee Shop is speaking with the owner. We automatically have a least one thing in common; COFFEE!


      It's more than that, they all have a beautiful story and if you get the chance to sit with them after you order (of course) just sit back and listen.


      The coffee here is pretty something special. They use Mothership Coffee Roasters a local coffee roaster in Vegas.


      I had their soy and almond latte, they can add charcoal to it that was pretty amazing and their black coffee, if you want to keep simple, is great.


      Visit Pour in Vegas on near Eastern on Sunset.



      Grouchy John's Coffee

      One of the first local hipster coffee shops in Vegas is Grouchy John's Coffee. They started with just a truck caffeinating the city and now they have two storefronts and their truck!


      They use Colorado River Roasters relatively a local roaster since these fellas are just two towns away in Boulder City.


      This place is full of art, shelves with games, and TONS of Star Wars memorabilia (if that is your thing).


      Coffee is pretty darn good; soy latte is my good to.


      Berries and Beans

      Formally known as the Black Cup, I like that name better (but hey that's me). They use to use Mothership too, but with the name change I guess came other changes as well.


      However, the latte I ordered was pretty freakin good, very strong, if this is the first cup of joe of the day; it's amazing.


      They use a roaster in New York.


      They are located in Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas. There is a REALLY good vegan spot just a few steps away. Shout out to Chef Stacey at Simply Pure.

      Donut Bar Las Vegas

      Sometimes Pictures speak a thousand words. Do I look happy? Ummm...yes!


      Donut Bar actually has one of my favorite lattes in town, they are located on 6th street in Downtown Las Vegas. They use Vesta Coffee Roasters, a local roaster, I mentioned them above in a previous post.


      I guess we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. Yes, the donuts are amazing. These are by far the best in town.


      That there is a VEGAN donut one of many of their selections. This one is a strawberry split it has strawberries and vegan whip cream. I can't type anymore because I want one. However this only on a day I have a cheat meal.




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