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You are Limitless

One thing I came to realize about a few different areas in my life, whether it is working out or eating healthy was this, as soon as I started to give up or let go of the routine the harder it was to start again. Each time I let myself take a break or skip a workout, the more of a step backwards I was taking, which meant any effort I did put in was now useless. Each step back is another form of taking the journey you have already traveled…. again, and it’s not one that usually consist of fun site seeing, its hard and plain out sucks. This is a horrible word to use but hey, it’s true. Think of a time where this happened and the feeling you experienced; was it regret?


You may experience this during #TBT when you are glancing at old photos of yourself when you were fit. This is something to keep in mind and something I am realizing as well. Every time I stopped working out for a week or month my body went backwards. Cardio was hard again, I was not able to go as fast or do as many reps in a certain time frame. Same with food, my body feels light when I eat healthy but when I would stop and eat bad every day, my body felt heavier and if that kept going not only did I feel heavier but I was getting heavier.


This feeling is the worst, looking in the mirror is depressing, putting on clothes that are tighter and not in the cute way, or worst don’t fit at all…ahhhhh. Then, I would tell myself again, "OK let me get back in shape." I would repeat the steps again, join a gym, change my diet, which lets stop there for a minute changing the way you eat can sometimes be the hardest part. There goes the pizza and cake to broccoli and chicken, which I will discuss in another post. I would go through having a sore body, food is not good and cheat meals are non-existent. This process would go on and on, you want to know why? Because let’s say I continued the working out and now broccoli and chicken are my friends, I look in the mirror…heeeey, I look good. Clothes fit tight in the good way, better yet clothes are loose….hooray, shopping time! But, yes there is a butt…a nice shaped one but also THE but, as soon as the body was better and the confidence was higher I would begin to slowly slip back into old habits. I let go of the discipline I created, I let others influence me, or I simply let life happenings affect my routine,which slowly pushes back working out and eating right to the back burner, until finally I came to the realization that I do not want to continue traveling this journey over and over again. To this day, I remind myself every so often of this. So, if you are reading this and you know what I am talking about, remember you don’t want to start the journey all over again because you are limitless, take yourself back to how you feel when you stop working out or eating healthy, and let that motivate you to keep going. Don’t get me wrong things are going to come up, trust me I know. Birthdays, holidays, traveling, stress at work or home the list can go on. You have to have your mind set to the system you have created and add that to your everyday, especially the occasions and the unexpected life occurrences, which face it are going to happen. Remember you are strong and just like you tackle the stress and make sure everyone around you is happy, you have to do the same for yourself. Learn to say no, skip hanging out, and block off time for yourself. Just make sure when you find what works best for you let that past journey be the last trip you take.



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