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To Gym or Not To Gym

It’s that time of year again the holidays have passed, and the eating has commenced. Now it’s time to prepare for the new year, which is full of opportunities.


There is one daunting question that you may be asking yourself “to gym or not to gym?”


Maybe this is not your initial question, however, it should be something to consider if getting fit or staying fit is part of your New Year’s plans.


Let’s explore this further, shall we. Grab your coffee and let's dive in.


There is a funny notion that to be healthy or fit, a lot of times requires joining the gym. The real funny part….. you have to go there too, take classes, stare at the equipment, lift weights and repeat. LOL! Anyone else see the humor? I know, this is not funny, it’s work, discipline, and dedication, all components you will need moving forward.


So, as you prepare for your New Year’s resolution take a moment to reevaluate your goals and the options available to you. This could be in fitness or any area of life.


Look you don’t have to take my word for it but before you decide on a gym membership for an entire year or more, defiantly explore other outlets available literally at your fingertips.


Anyplace can basically be a gym for you to work out, bust out some Yoga poses or even mediate. Not all gyms are created equally and not all workouts are created equally either.


Ask yourself what you are looking for? Are you losing weight? Toning? Eating healthier?


What have you tried in the past? Have you joined a gym? Did you go often? Did you like it? What has worked or did not work?


These are a few ways to start diving into what you are looking to accomplish, but don’t end here ask more questions, more questions reveal more answers.


Let's pause for a moment shall we, I would like to add a disclaimer: I am not discouraging the gym, AT ALL. Gyms are amazing, they truly are a great place to find everything you could possibly need and more to obtain or maintain your fitness goals. However, I think it is important to layout a variety of options that are available before committing to a gym; just because of all the ads and specials that are coming your way this time of year. I know I have fallen victim to paying gym memberships and never going or rarely going, and I am pretty sure you are not in the market to invest in a gym.


Okay, now that we have an understanding, let's get back to it, shall we? Yes!!!


The best place to start is with your goals, once you know your goals then look into what you enjoy.


Exploring activities you already enjoy is a great start for a couple of reasons. One, it may save you from the gym membership and two, you are more likely to stick with it, if you like it. If you don’t like something, it becomes something you dread and you will eventually stop doing it. You shouldn’t put yourself in a position to fail. For example, if treadmills are boring to you, why use them?


Here are some questions you can begin answering:

Are you a runner? Do you like the outdoors? Do you like to swim? Do you like bike riding? Do you like sports? Which sports?


These could possibly be activities you enjoy or already do.


Okay, so let’s explore some other options that dive deeper into figuring the best way to begin meeting those New Year’s resolution goals.


As you may know by now, I am a huge fan of apps and Youtube videos as my main source for working out. I love them, it’s like having a personal trainer in my home for FREE!


This brings up a couple of other questions to ask:


Do you like to work out alone? Do you need guidance? Are you on a budget?


Take a moment to answer these questions, I’ll wait….


Okay, depending on your answers these questions can also help determine if a gym is right for you. Some people like working out with a buddy or like having others around to motivate them, even if they don’t know the person next to them, their energy can help motivate you to keep going. How about guidance? These questions could lead to personal training or something simple has how to do workouts and the correct form. The cool part about these questions, they can lead to you a gym membership, personal trainer or you could find yourself glued to a Youtube channel or app that provides everything you need to reach your fitness goals (like yours truly).


I would like throw in one more part before we depart this year.


Boutique gyms!


Did you scratch your head?


Your interest could be broken down into different categories, confused, no worries I will explain.


Say you like to run, well it is easy to get geared up leave your house and run outside. Let's also say you like Yoga, let's go further and say hot Yoga. You could find a Yoga studio which specializes only in Yoga or hot Yoga, you could either pay a drop-in fee or decide to sign-up for a membership. This way your interest are narrowed down, running is free and Yoga is a fee at your discretion.


As you can see the possibilities are endless.


Wait!!! One last tip!


Many gyms, especially boutique gyms offer free classes or one week free to try out their facility. Take advantage of these deals. If you are looking to try something new like Yoga, Pilates, Cross fit or a particular gym, take a free class get in the mix and see if it is something you can see yourself truly enjoying. This goes for the apps and YouTube videos, search around see what it out there and try them out, you might be surprised what you find, plus you get a workout done for the day too.


This is your journey and the most important part is getting to your destination the best way possible. There will be roadblocks, no doubt remember what I said before, it takes work, determination, and discipline. 


Thanks for rocking with me these past months, I look forward to sharing so much with you in 2017.


Happy New Year friends!



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