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Tis’ The Season to Keep the Weight Off

I really wanted to take a moment to focus on a keyword, no matter where you are on your fitness journey or what time of the year it is. I would like to introduce to you: Discipline!


Anything you are looking to achieve in life begins with discipline, and discipline is born in your mentality. Everything is mental, you have the power to choose what affects you, what to eat, what to do, what not to do, what to fight for and so on. The very first conversation you have every day is to yourself “I am going to get up.” “I will have a great day!” “I am going to work.” “I will hit the snooze button.” It’s all mental. When you open the fridge and you see donuts to your left and apples to your right, you have the choice. So, with that said, let’s move on to our regularly scheduled program.


The holidays are approaching and this time of the year is always a tricky one for any of us trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is usually the time for excuses and a “free-pass” (air quotes) to stray away from eating healthy or working out. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there. It’s like playing dodge ball trying to avoid all the goodies being thrown my way.


Let me paint you a picture. You come into work the decorations are up, the season has changed, the warmth of your sweater and scarf is comforting, you sit down at your desk and there in your inbox is the email “Holiday treats in the break room, help yourself.” Co-workers, clients, and neighbors alike are making their famous holiday treats because they are nice (or really mean, J/K) and they want to share with you. Of course, to show how nice you are, you accept their generous offer, and let’s face it most of the time they are too darn good to pass up. I get it! Those sweets or savory treats are so yummy and let’s not even get started on the main feast days; Thanksgiving, Christmas Hanukkah, Easter, 4th of July, any major Holiday that involves food.


So what do you do?


Ask yourself if it’s really worth indulging in all the goodies. This is the time to have that conversation with yourself, remember discipline, remember how much work you put into your workout the day before or that morning, remember the time you took to prep your meals. After a few seconds of this, usually you are able to bypass the treat, which will only satisfy your pallet for a few seconds anyway, and those few seconds are not worth hours of everything you worked for. However, this does not mean you have to be a Grinch.


Don’t be afraid to get into the holiday spirit and whip up some modified healthy sweet treats of your own to share with the office or neighbors. This way you have something to contribute and you can be part of the break room gatherings (don’t forget your coffee). There are some great recipes out there for modifying some holiday treats that taste so good no one will even know the difference. Check out the links below for a few of my favorites.


Pumpkin Bars:


Red Velvet Brownies:

This one is from my post "Eat Healthy the Right Way!"


Okay, we covered the lingering temptations. What about the actual Holidays?


Glad you asked! If it is the main holiday, let’s say Thanksgiving and you are going back home to mom’s or grandmas’ for their famous home cooking, something that you don’t get all the time, well it comes down to a few things. It starts with your mind. You can do what works best for you. However, I would like to share what I do, you don’t have to do it, but this is how I mentally prepare.


Portion control, moderation, cheat meal mentality and stay on your routine. I choose to enjoy the meal as my cheat meal that’s where I put my mind. The way I would food prep is the same way I fix myself a plate. I have a portion size protein, plenty of veggies or salad, little to no carbs, and do not go back for seconds. As for the dessert portion of this meal, because let’s face it I do love dessert, I also choose to eat well balanced. I will have a small piece of something let’s stick with the festivities and go with an oldie but goodie pumpkin pie. I cut a very small piece about three bites worth, just enough to enjoy and satisfy the craving but not too much where I feel extremely full at the end. I also make sure to have prep meals ready for the week. The main holiday dinner is just a meal, this does not mean I have a cheat day. I still eat my prepped dishes throughout the day. I also do not take leftovers home, I enjoy the meal with family and friends and leave it there. This way I am not tempted the next day or week. Next, preparation, I try to make sure I have my prepped meals ready for the next day. This way my holiday meal is behind me and I can stay on track. Lastly, I keep my routine. I mentioned prepping meals but this also means I continue with my workouts. The day may feel different because you are home or off from work but that does not mean you break routine if you do not have to. Make time for yourself, get that workout in. Success and accomplishment does not know of thing we call Holidays, it only knows discipline, determination, hard work and if you showed up. At the end of the day, Holidays are about surrounding yourself with your loved ones. That’s what matters and if you are happy and healthy, you are guaranteed many Holidays ahead to do just that.



Below are few a quick workouts that are challenging but will not take too much time out of your day.


Daily HITT:


#workoutwednesday videos:

I post fun workout ideas on my IG (Instagram). I love turning on some music and challenging myself to complete a move non-stop.


Here is the link to my IG:


Scroll through for a video and try a move to your favorite song.



Happy Holidays!!!



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