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Staying Fit During Your Trip

“I don’t like taking a vacation”, said no one ever. I am currently (in real time) preparing to take an amazing trip half way around the world. Everything is pretty much packed, like two months ago because I am that excited.


Are you planning a trip this holiday or possibly a getaway to go somewhere warmer, or just because you are long over due for a vacation? If so, I am happy for you; vacations are important, plus they are one of the best things you can do for yourself. It allows you to explore, see new things, clear your mind, and open up your creativity. Just typing this out, I am thinking about the adventures I am going to embark on in just five days.


So, what does a vacation have to do with fitness and living healthy? Well, besides all the things I mentioned above, other things come to mind about traveling from preparing for the trip, what to do during the trip, and the return home. However, before I dive into that, I learned something recently while preparing for my own trip. Have you been wondering where I am going? Wonder no longer, it's Peru, I know exciting, right? There will be hiking, exploring and the best part, visiting two children’s hospitals to have a Christmas party and hand out toys, that will be the highlight of everything.


As I mentioned, during the preparation for the trip, I learned that physical health is important for traveling. Lets use Peru as an example. The altitude is about 11,000 feet up, which means there will be some downtime to adjust and rest. Also, during one of the hikes, they actually check your physical ability before allowing you to move forward on the trail, craziness. The moment I learned these things, I knew, I had to share. If you were looking for a reason to get yourself in gear, I hope vacations did it.


So, let's get back to preparing for the vacation.


As I finalize all the packing, one thing that comes to mind is food. It was easy for me to tear my closet apart looking for all my favorite outfits and figuring out what I will wear each day(this is probably just a girl thing), but one thing that has me really boggled is eating. I will be in the air for 11 hours plus and this lady is going to get hungry. It would seem that since I am going on vacation, I would allow myself to let up on eating healthy; Wrong! It is just as important if not more. My new research project lately is looking for healthy non-perishable snacks that I can pack, which I have found, and yes, I am going to share. I have provided a list of items I am planning to pack below.


Let's go on to what to do during the trip, shall we.


Vacations are also usually about leaving things behind such as work or anything that fits into a routine. Well, food prep and working out is part of a routine, correct? It sure is, and just like the holidays it gives people an excuse to put their eating and working out on the back burner.


Well, I would like to suggest otherwise or at least give yourself balance. If you packed some healthy snacks or thinking about it then you are off to a great start, so maybe try continuing that momentum. If you are able to, prep meals in your hotel room or better yet at your relatives house, I suggest doing that. It will save you on calories and cash; just think, you can use that cash to do something wild and crazy instead of just eat it. I took a trip to Hawaii a few years back and prepped all my food there, I only ate out once, this is because I was to busy snorkeling, parasailing and hanging out by the beach to worry about food, actually packed meals came in handy.


I hope you didn’t think working out was out of the question, did you? Look I get it, sometimes you want to just relax, however working out does not take that much time. If you have been rocking with me during my other blog posts, you may have learned that working out can be done on your time. A good workout can be 10 minutes if you want. I also suggest walking around more during your vacation if it permits. When I was in San Francisco, I pretty much walked everywhere all day, and they have hills, so you can imagine what those days were like. They were sneaky workouts that were incorporated into my exploring. You could even use your downtime at the airport, it will pass the time and you can get your work out done for the day.

For a refresher on quick workouts, check out “Finding Time to Workout” I have a list of videos that range from 10-30 minutes.




Okay, so the trip is over and it's time to head back home (sad face). Depending on how long you were away, make sure to rest your body and mind, allow yourself time if you can to settle back into your daily routine this includes prepping meals and working out at your normal pace. Try to have some healthy prepped meals waiting for you when you return home. Most meals can be made ahead of time and frozen. Once you get home, pop one of those bad boys in the microwave and enjoy something warm and healthy (I suggest chili).


At the end of the day, I will leave you with something a mentor told me once when I told him, I was going to cheat very badly for my birthday one year. He looked at me sincerely, and basically said: “there will always be a reason to celebrate.” What does this mean? Just that, there is always a reason to celebrate, and if you think about it, it's true. There are holidays, birthdays, special occasions, vacations, almost every month or week there is something coming up. However, we shouldn’t let these reasons get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle, because being around to celebrate these moments is much more important.


Enjoy your travels friends (be safe), and don’t forget to check out the list below of snacks perfect when packing for your next flight or road trip.




Healthy Snacks to Pack:

-RX Bar (Picture below) Coffee and Blueberry are my favorites

-Apples and Almond Butter (my favorite snack)

-Power Snacks by Navitas (Picture Below)

-Trail mix (I make my own by incorporating my favorite nuts, seeds, and some dark chocolate pieces)

-Pre-cut veggies (carrots, celery, peppers)


-Almond butter and banana sandwiches (I use Ezekiel bread)

-Homemade granola bars (


-Instant coffee or Tea (ask the flight attendant for hot water or find hot water at an airport restaurant or coffee shop).


*remember to pack enough snacks while traveling to your destination and return home.


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