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The five top ways to stay motivated with your workout partner


With the day of love approaching, which should be every day (just saying), I thought it would it be appropriate to chat about partner workouts. Do you workout with your loved one? Maybe you have a gym buddy or running mate?

The new year is still fresh, and you possibly may not have taken on your fitness goals along. If that’s the case you have someone that meets up with you at the gym or the park, this person cheers you on and vice versa.

It makes this workout thing a lot easier and fun, right?


I would like to share some tips with you about the partner workout or would l like to call the Buddy System. Rule of thumb, try not to rely on your buddy to get in your workouts. Yes, it is fun to have someone there with you. However, everyone has things come up even your loved ones. The hubby may have to stay at work later than expected or your friend has a family thing to go to that they can not miss. We have all been there. To avoid skipping your workout here are five tips to keep you motivated.


1. Workout with your partner every other day or 3- days out of the week

If you are both committed fewer days out of the week, it will make it easier for both of you to stick with the plans you made with each other. The days you don’t meet could be a used as a makeup day, just in case one of you had to skip your planned workout.


2. Don’t skip the workout

It would be easy to let the absence of your partner shift your gears from workout clothes to pajamas and “squat” down on the couch to the latest TV show, but don’t do it. If your workout partner cannot make it, you should still keep the commitment to yourself. Ultimately, the workouts are for you; a workout partner is just a bonus.


3. Have a Plan B

Bring your headphones, have music downloaded, bring anything you need to complete a good solo workout. Hey, try something new but get that booty moving. You could even binge-watch while you workout, now you have Jane the Virgin as your workout buddy as long as you don’t slack(anyone else addicted to this show?).


4. Don’t just rely on the scheduled partner workouts

You should be doing your solo workouts on those days you don’t have planned with your workout buddy. Use your alone time to get in tune with your body, listen to what it needs or possibly does not need. If anything use those days to get in a good stretch or do some Yoga (Yoga is the best, just saying).


5. Have a workout partner for excursions

Who bails out on excursions? Not all workouts have to be in the gym or a simple run in the park. Maybe you like working out or you have your routine, go on excursions with your partner. Go hiking, rock climbing, skating, bike riding, the list can go on. This way it’s a fun adventure that can be planned out and more than likely something you and your partner can commit to with ease. An excursion can be a whole day of working out, exploring, and having fun.


The most important factor to remember is the commitment to yourself, I mentioned this earlier, but it is something you both should keep as your main focus. Having someone by your side during a workout is awesome, it is more fun when you have a good person to share it with, they give you an extra push, you have someone to have a friendly competition with, and you both share a common goal. With that in mind, I would like to leave you with some fun videos made for partner workouts. They are fun and challenging. Try one the next time you and workout buddy get together.


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