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HIIT It All You Got

How is your March going? More importantly, how are you doing with sticking to your goals? Final question, are you finding time to workout? Is it a priority? Okay, that was the final question.


Seriously take a moment to ask yourself these questions. These are not questions you have to answer to me they are questions you have to answer to yourself. I know deep, right? But it's true.


I remember the days when working out was not part of my daily routine and the person I had to face every day was me, that girl in the mirror who was uncomfortable in her body, frowned when she put on clothes, that girl was not cute, I mean she (meaning me) was pretty but not beautiful and not because she didn’t look like a model but because she was unhappy, her confidence was low, and she didn’t take pride in herself.


I would never wish that feeling on anybody.


So, Buttercup, I hope you are taking the time everyday to workout, eat healthy, stretch, and take time for yourself.


Time is given to us, all the same; it's what we choose to do with it that counts.


Are you ready for some awesome videos that will get you sweating so much that it will be a workout just to take off your sports bra, you know what I’m talking about.


So, I did some research lately on HIIT workouts available for free on YouTube My goal: to find 20-minute’ videos that get the job done: I succeeded. These videos will be the best 20 minutes of your life, you know after the panting and maybe some cursing, which won’t be directed to me because I’m not in the video.


Just to give you some background on HIIT, which stands for High Intensity, Interval, Training. What does this mean? You do rounds of maximum effort for 20-30 seconds, rest for 10-seconds, and repeat for three more rounds or more, then you move on to another move. Moves can also be paired. There are two moves to alternate from maybe you do a strength move -rest- then a cardio move each one for 20-30 seconds in between the rest for four rounds then you move on to another set of rounds that are different movements but the same sequence of strength and cardio.


Here are some benefits:

  • Burns calories, fast. You can get more calories burned in a shorter amount of time than with longer traditional workouts.
  • It increases your cardiovascular
  • Equipment is not needed
  • Can be done anywhere
  • It’s quick and efficient

It is said by trainers actually in the videos that this type of workout can burn calories for 48 to 72 hours after completed at your maximum level. You do these once a day, and your body is burning crazy calories days after while you are working, sleeping, eating, chilling with the family, and if you do it again the next day, burning while you are burning. This sounds like a winner to me. So just another tidbit, these are tough, this style of working out requires you to go the whole time with very little rest, and I mean only 10-seconds in between each rep. However, even if you are still a beginner, this does not mean you should not try it. Go at your pace. No one is around, do your best, and push yourself. There is a pause button, I am not suggesting it, but I’m just saying. Try doing them a few times a week for a month and watch how you progress, keep track of your reps, listen to your panting; are you panting more or less in the beginning of the video in a week or the end of month since you started (these are some questions, you should ask yourself).


I will just say this, some of these I haven’t done in a while till recently, and I notice that I can do the moves faster or I am not as winded as before. Some moves were new, so I was learning them for the first time. I would go slow at first then pick up the speed. If this is your first time doing something like this, then you might do the same, and that’s okay.


The best part, did you see the length of the workout only 20-minutes, so if time is a factor, these are perfect to get done quickly, and you will feel like you did an hour long workout.


During my research, I was looking for challenging, fun, motivating, and would I do this again type of videos, so this is what I found.






1. 20- Minute High-Intensity workout


2. Full Body HIIT Workout | Fat Blasting Exercise


*both of these feature my favorite Celebrity trainer Astrid McGuire, I love her. She keeps it real and works your booty off; literally.




3. 23- Minute Cardio HIIT Workout with weights (weights are optional)


4. 24- Minute Game Changing Cardio HIIT Workout – Intense Fat Blasting


5. 30- Minute Brutal HIIT Workout /


*I know this one is a bit longer if you have the time do it. I make up for it at the end of this list. Keep scrolling.


Fitness Blender:


6. Brutal HIIT Ladder workout


7. Can You HIIY like a Girl?



8. 20- Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment – Full Body HIIT


Tone It Up:


9. Best HIIT Workout




10. Train Insane HIIT workout

*make sure to replay 4 x’s to get the full effect. It will be worth it.


Cosmo w/ Astrid McGuire:
Heart – Racing Quickie Cardio


*this one is only 13 mins long, see I told you, I made up for it.


I can’t wait for you to try this out. Come back and leave a comment, let me know what you think and which one you thought was the hardest.






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