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Finding Time to Work Out!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, we are all busy; right? We have something going on at any point of the day from work, kids (for you moms), significant other, meetings, coffee breaks (for me), family, friends, you get my point. Oh how the list goes on. But it’s funny how we find time (out of thin air) to check our phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and don’t get me started on Snap Chat, one can stare at themselves transforming into a puppy all day, and don’t let it cue you to stick your tongue out, there goes 15 minutes right there. Are you still with me or did you go check to see if there is a new filter? Come back!!!!


So, what’s the point? Balance, Time Management, Redirection!


I will be honest with you, I have been in a redirecting phase with life, which has me busier than ever, and finding time to work out has been a challenge. My day turns into evening in a blink of an eye. The time I dedicated to working out would get further pushed back later and later until, I admit it- working out was non-existent, and I couldn’t have that; no sir re.


So, there is this thing called balance. In my mind, I always had to work out for 45-minutes to an hour minimum. Overtime, I have realized there are days that just don’t allow for that amount of time. However, I also know that I have a choice, and guess what? I choose to work out hands down. The question I was asking myself was how to get an effective work out in less than an hour? How do I find the balance?


I did some research and I what I found is astonishing. I am so excited to share this with you. There are FREE – let me repeat FREE full workouts from 20, 15, even 10 minutes long. There are geniuses out there creating these amazing videos and apps (which I will share in a bit) for you and I to balance our day and get our work out on too, plus have time to post about it. Are you ready for me to share what I have learned? Well get ready to Snap or IG story yourself fitting in your busy day an awesome work out under 20-minutes.


My top list:



Creator, Cassey Ho has turned Pilates into Pop Pilates on her YouTube channel Blogilates, which are full of fun work outs that are 10 minutes or less. Plus, she is upbeat and motivating. You can find cardio, abs, arms, legs butt, and combo videos. The really awesome part, I am able to fit in two or three videos during my busy days, which equal 15- 20 minutes. I feel accomplished and satisfied. Feeling satisfied after a workout is important; sign me up, please!

Here is the link:



Here is another YouTube channel hosted by fitness trainer Anna Renderer, she is the sweetest person (she is a bestie in my head. Hi, Anna!). You will find more variety of work outs here including Tabata, dance, barre, kick-boxing and targeted videos for specific areas: abs, arms, butt, legs, and more. They range from 10 to 45 minutes for those days you have the extra 30-45 minutes to get your sweat on. Anna invites special guests to teach a class from Celebrity trainers, Tony Horton has made an appearance, even Cassey Ho has stopped by. They instruct moves that will have you feeling like you did a 45-minute workout in 10-15 minutes - YES, please!!! Some of my favorites are the Tabata, Tony Horton features, and YOGA.


Here is the link:


These next two videos are actual links for my favorite cardio work outs, I slip into my day when I need something quick but challenging. One is a 10-minute video and the other is a 20 minute video; these bad boys will have your heart pumping and sweat dripping right from the start.






I would also like to share an app I love using. This is perfect if you do not have Wi-Fi, you are at the office, traveling, working, outside, or in your living room.


Sworkit (I love the name)

You set the time and type of work out and it does the rest. It counts you down, tells you the workout, and shows you the demonstrations; easy breezy, lemon squeezey.


There are so many varieties out there research on your own on Youtube or other platforms like Hulu, yes Hulu. There are tons of videos waiting to be watched from Yoga, Pilates, plyometrics, weight lifting and the best part - its FREE! Snap that (do you remember "Top That" from Teen Witch, well that is where my funny Snap that joke came from, but did you know the girl who sings that song is a Yoga instructor to the stars? Her name is Mandy Ingber, I love her (another friend in my head). She has been featured on POPSUGAR Fitness.


These two Mandy Ingber Yoga videos are my favorite:


30 minute:


10 minute:


Comment below, share links of videos or channels you Subscribe to, I would love to try them out.


See you in two weeks!



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