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EAT Healthy the Right Way!


I eat all my favorite foods; how? Substitution! This is actually one of my golden rules and something, I love continuing to learn. Finding new ways to have my favorite foods, but with a healthy twist. This post is so important because once you uncover ways to enjoy your favorite foods in a healthier way, your life will change, your mindset will change, your body will change, your confidence will change, your perspective will change. Do you see what’s happening? Change! It’s amazing once you set your mind to something how it can turn into something you never imagined. You think you want one thing and as you evolve, you see so much more your capable of.


Okay, so would you like to learn some awesome tips for eating healthy by learning to substitute? Of course, you do.


If you know me or could tell by the second name of this blog (lattes) you know, I LOVE coffee! I try a new coffee spot every chance I get at home or traveling. I could go on about coffee, however let’s get back on track. Before, meaning like 4-years ago and beyond, I use to drink coffee with sugar, creamers or both. This probably sounds familiar, because this is the way most people drink their coffee, or you are one of those that drink it black. I didn’t use to be a fan of black coffee, but that changed quickly. So, when I started on my fitness journey and learned that I had to give up sugar and creamers, I had no choice but to go rouge and drink it BLACK. After a while, I actually started to enjoy it. The fun coffee drinks like my lattes became obselete and I would have one as my cheat meal. I will never forget the glorious day when I learned that I could find other substitutions for sugar and creamer. First, I learned about Stevia, okay this was actually a sad day because, I learned that I didn’t like it. If you are a fan of Stevia, use it, this is a great sugar substitution. So, once I learned about my dislike for Stevia, I was back at square one. This was until I learned about Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk, well you see where this is going. Hello, revelation! I was able to have my lattes back and drink them everyday; lattes never tasted so good and that really started my coffee journey. I wanted to try different lattes from different places ever since.


I share this silly little story because this is just an example of when the light bulb turned on about substitution. If I could bring back coffee, I figured that there has to more to this, so I started exploring this idea with food. Oh boy what I found, and what I continue to find is crazy bananas. Now, I eat pancakes for breakfast, spaghetti, brownies, and PIZZA! I use to think, I had to give up all these amazing, yummy, indulging foods to live a healthy lifestyle, but I am here to tell you these things can still exits. Are you ready, no seriously are you ready? I am so excited to share some mind-blowing ways to enjoy the good stuff without guilt, extra pounds, or calories.


My top places to find recipes for substitution hands down is Pinterest and Instagram. With Pinterest, I search for a specific meal say "healthy burgers," I sift through until I find one that fits what I am looking for such as prep time, ingredients, etc. On Instagram, I search for accounts posting healthy food options and follow them. This way I am just scrolling and subtle upon a food idea I can use for that week or the following week. I just like it (of course) and screen shot to archive for later.



Here, I am going to list days worth of food including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (YES, dessert).




Remember, I mentioned pancakes? Of course, you do, because you immediately started craving them, I know, I did.


Pancakes: Usually have flour, milk, eggs, etc. Right? Or worst, instant, lets not even go there this time.


Substitution: Steel Cut oats! Yes, use Steel Cut oats as the flour base. Use Almond Milk, Cashew Milk (any nutty kinds of milk) to replace the dairy. Lastly, eggs, this item can actually stay the same, or you can use egg whites instead of the whole eggs. Add some cinnamon, vanilla extract, possibly some fruits and whoa-la you have pancakes. Oh and the syrup can be substituted as well: Honey! Yes, honey! Use raw honey, if possible. Usually sold at local farmers markets or places like Whole Foods. Oh, and don't forget your cup of coffee!


Here is the link:


If you are looking for a completely gluten free option for pancakes, yes this exist. Here is my all-time favorite substitution.


All you need is 1 banana and 2 eggs, mash or blend together, put some oil on the pan and make 3-4 pancakes. Top with some fruit and the honey, and then send me a smiley emoji. Your Welcome!


Here is the link:




It's lunch time! This next substitution is not only amazing but makes meal prepping very easy. Next on the menu: Spaghetti!


Spaghetti: Let's see, of course when we think of Spaghetti, we envision the noodles they are needed, sauce, and some kind of meat. Okay, that's the basic dish. in a nutshell.


Substitution: Zoodles!!! Best thing since sliced cheese, well until we get to dinner. Using a handy-dandy spirallizer and fresh zucchini, well my friend you have noodles. This substitution is huge taking away heavy carbs and adding more veggies, raw veggies is the best, however you can boil them if you like. Instead of spaghetti sauce, I use pesto. There are soooo many other ways to change up the sauces. If you have to stick with sauce in a jar, look for one that has the least about of sodium. Lets talk meat. I recently stopped eating meat, so I use tofu or tempeh. For my meat lovers, I suggest ground turkey (lean), chicken (baked, grilled, etc.). This is subjective. I provided some links below.


Here are the links:




I am so excited to share this next one. I actually came up with this one on my own. One of my favorite meals, wait for it...PIZZA!!! Is it just me? Yeah, probably not. Of course not, everyone loves Pizza and it is one of those dishes that usually go on the naughty list. I use to have pizza as my cheat meal, but then I started exploring a little bit further and I realized I can have pizza every night if I want, and I did for a whole week ,okay, okay two-weeks, but they are that good and guilt free.


Pizza: Has the crust made of flour, yeast, etc. some kind of sauce, usually red sauce or white sauce (my fav), and toppings, no need to list the toppings this is a never ending list.



Crust: instead of pizza crust or dough, I use Ezekiel tortillas (photo below) as the pizza crust.

Sauce: I use pesto, olive oil, and balsamic, hummus, guacamole, do you see what I am doing here…healthy fats as your sauce.

Cheese: Okay, this one, I am super excited to share. Dairy free cheeeeese!!! Yes, there is such a thing. Almond Cheese, Soy Cheese (photos below). It's yummy and taste like cheese, melts, shreds, basically it does everything cheese does and its waaaaay healthier.

Toppings: well the skies the limit. I put a lot of veggies: kale, spinach, bok choy, artichoke, mushrooms. Protein: I love eggs! For my protein, I have two over easy eggs, but feel free to use chicken, steak (lean), fish, shrimp. If you want pepperoni, I suggest vegan pepperoni, yes there is such a thing, just check the brand and the amount of sodium.



Side note: if you are looking to a have completely gluten-free option You can make the crust out of cauliflower, I am personally not a cauliflower fan, but how amazing is that. I provided a link below.


Here is the link:




I saved the best for last, which is usually the case, right? Dessert! it would appear that any type of dessert is obsolete when living a healthy life-style but don't be fooled even those most fit or athletic person loves sweets too! Yours truly loves ice cream, cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, sorry do i have you craving this too, well I am going to share the next substitution. Brownies, Red Velvet brownies to be exact.


You are not ready...


Brownies: Let's keep it real here everyone uses the box version, right? Well, this one may take a little bit more time but so worth it.


Substitution: Steel Cut Oats is back as your flour base. The rest consist of beans (black beans, kidney beans), beets, cauco, eggs (egg whites), and nutty milk (almond milk, soy milk, etc.). Just so you do not think you misread the last few main ingredients, I did say beans and beats, these are healthy starches and a vegetable in a brownie. Once everything is blended, pour in a baking pan and stick it in the oven and let the aroma fill the kitchen. The end results a warm brownie that is healthy. I love this dessert!


Here is the link:



Substation, moderation, and taking time to research is all it takes to have your favorite foods. You shouldn't look at eating healthy as loosing something, you are gaining so much more. A healthy body inside and outside is worth more than a few moments of gratification.


I hoped you enjoyed this fun post, but most importantly I hope you are inspired to try these recipes. Share with me your thoughts and other recipes you find, I love trying new ways to substitute.


Have a great day, see you in two weeks!






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