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Don't Over-Commit

Happy New Year, friends!


I recently bought a brand new journal with 140 blank pages; I am planning to fill with goals, plans for my goals, ideas, drawings, quotes, and whatever the hell I feel like jotting down. As I am preparing for the new year, my list of goals fills a full-page if not more. I am revisiting the list making adjustments and trying not to get overwhelmed (There are a lot of things this girl wants to accomplish). I started to feel the pressure of completing everything, and it is only a few days into the new year. It dawned on me that I was already over committing, putting expectations on myself that were unrealistic, like if there was some magical force that would change my habits and allow starting a new routine, to all of sudden become easier since it is the new year. Have you felt like this? I had to take a step back and remind myself, I said self “Don’t over commit, take it a day at a time!” Once, I realized that the point of setting a goal involves going through the process, learning, failing, learning more, and tweaking, the more I felt better. Well…. that relieved a lot of pressure (wiping the sweat from my brow). And it also got me thinking!


As you plan your year, especially your new commitment to working out and eating healthier, I commend you, for starting the journey, making changes to your routine, or just getting back on track.


You may feel excited, ready to tackle the goals you have set, which is awesome (insert big hug here).


However, I have a tippet for you Don’t Over-Commit. Let’s not get this confused with committing and staying dedicated, keep that mentality (that’s for anything you want to accomplish). However, take your time, ease into your workouts and new eating habits. It’s not because I don’t think you can do it, you just don’t want to set yourself up for failure. I have been there, I would get this burst of energy to change everything, and I did it so drastically that it was too much too soon. Going from 0-100 can be a lot, and if you’re not able to commit the way you think you can, then you may want to give up sooner than keep going. There are a few reason we normally set goals; one we are trying something new, or two, to break a habit. Let’s be honest, if it were easy, you and I would already be doing whatever it is we are trying to accomplish, or it wouldn’t be a goal in the first place because we would have reached it. True, right?


Use your new found energy and spread it out. Work out maybe 15 to 20 minutes a day or every other day then challenge yourself to 30 minutes, perhaps now do this Monday through Friday and just take the weekends off. Switch up after a few weeks or months and go from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Every day you will progress, it will get easier, and before you know it, you will be working out six days a week for an hour. It will become part of your habits, which will make you feel so good, you won’t think about quitting.


I would recommend the same with your new eating habits, and this is important for your workout to be successful. In fact, eating can sometimes be the hardest part to change, so take your time with this as well. Eat in moderation, replace a meal each week and modify it to make it healthier. Also, moderate your portions, instead of two slices of pizza have one with veggies on the side (no ranch, that’s cheating), or you can try my favorite pizza recipe just click here. Don’t get me wrong, if you can go cold turkey, from eating bad, or moderately bad to super healthy, then do it, but I know for me it did not work that easy. It took time, but well worth it, and it will be for you too. Just by committing to the journey and being better than the day before proves you are on the right track.


Below I have provided a link for one workout tip to try out and one new recipe too!


Work Out Tip:


Click the link or scroll below


Zaghetti Recipe:

Here is a twist on the classic spaghetti dish. Instead of noodles, you will replace with zoodles, which is zucchini turned into noodles (trust me it can happen). This recipe is quick, easy, and so yummy. You will need one tool, called a spiralizer to make your zoodles (picture below). You can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, or Amazon.


I will be honest as much as I know making everything from scratch is the best way to food prep, sometimes it is just easier to purchase some items ready to go. I suggest a pre-made sauce, however, if you want to make your own, please do it! I wouldn't suggest pre-made items all the time. There is some prep and cooking for this meal. You can make enough for the week, and it is guilt free. Confession (these are my confessions): I eat this meal sometimes at 9 or 10 at night.




4-6 large zucchini


Meat of your choice (ground turkey, tofu, tempeh, or meatless)


Spaghetti sauce (I use the Trader Joe's Tomato Basil, pictured below)


Parmesan Cheese (I use soy Parmesan, but you can use regular as well).


*add-on: mushrooms, artichoke, spinach. Your preference.




1. Start by cooking your meat of choice on low to medium heat. Spread evenly in the pan to cook through


2. Next, its time to make your zoodles. Take out your new handy dandy spiralizer and your zucchini and watch the magic happen. If you are prepping your meals for the week, evenly distribute a good amount per Tupperware (picture below). Check on your meat.


3. Once the meat cooks completely, feel free to cook your add-ons, once these are complete it is time to add the sauce to the meat, let simmer for a few minutes.


4. Add the meaty sauce to your zoodles and top it with a little Parmesan cheese


5. Enjoy


*Meal prepping tip. When packing this dish, I recommend putting the zoodles and sauce in separate containers, this way your zoodles do not get soggy, unless you like them that way, then blend away.



Comment below to share how your fitness journey has taken off this year.


What are you doing differently?




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