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Don’t Give Up on Food

Three healthy recipes to eat what you love


I Just made tacos and ice cream!!!


It was so good, and yes, I am bragging, but I will share with you.


Did I mention they were healthy and possibly even vegan? Well, they were all the above.


Many people have the notion that being healthy especially living a healthy lifestyle means giving up and sacrificing their favorite foods. In order to truly live “healthier,” yes, you have to make changes, stay dedicated, be discipline, and depending on health reasons giving up something may be the best thing for you. However, giving up your favorite foods is not completely the case; because who likes giving up things they like? Are you with me? Now, there may be a need for some modifying.


Lets cut to the chase, the first thing to start with is your mind; change your view about food. Instead of looking at it as your giving up something, view it as the beginning of bettering yourself, an opportunity to learn about food in a new way. Let me tell you this; there are two things I know about food. One- you need food for energy and well to live. Two- food is your main source for losing weight, keeping the weight off, and if you want some sexy abs, it starts in the kitchen. A mentor recently shared this tippet; you cannot out work eating unhealthy. It makes so much sense; right? If you eat unhealthy and workout, you pretty much did the workout for nothing. I don’t know about you, but after I workout, I defiantly don’t want it to go in vain. So, I follow up my workout with a pizza or tacos, yes, you read correctly. However, they are not your typical pizza or tacos. They are a modified version, healthy, and taste just the same if not better.


Instead of talking about it let me share some recipes for you to try on your own.


I mentioned Tacos, so here it is.



What do you need?



Your choice of meat or meat substitution (I use tofu)

I used the following link as a guide to make the tofu "taco meat"



Smokey paprika


Salt (I use Himalayan Pink salt)


Extra Fillings:

Beans (Pinto or Black Bean) I reccomend making them yourself instead of the can version.

Sweet Corn (same, no cans)

Avocados (turn into some guac, your choice)




Lettuce (iceburg or butter lettuce)

Ezekiel tortillas


Chipotle Sauce:

Plain Yogurt


Adobo Chili’s


Here is the link for the full instructions:


Cook everything up to your liking and add your fillings to your tortilla of choice and don't forget to be moderate.


There is not much sacrifice here; the main source is the shell, I also personally eliminated dairy; almost except the yogurt for the sauce, but no cheese or sour cream. Proportions are important, try to have only two tacos with portioned sized fillings.

*This can also be an awesome taco salad, just shred the cabbage and then put all your topping on top. (Picture below)


Ice Cream:

Only one ingredient, but for fun, let's add two more.


What do you need?

2 frozen bananas

Cauco Powder

Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter


Put everything in a blender or food processor, let it blend until smooth and creamy, and you have ice cream. Simple as ABC (yes, I am signing Jackson 5)!

Here the diary is eliminated; it is natural and there are no added sweeteners. You have to try this one as soon as possible; just saying. (Picture below)



There are many variations such as Kale Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, Apple chips, and the list goes on. I recently made Sweet Potato Chips.


What do you need:

2 Sweet Potatoes

Coconut oil



Slice the sweet potatoes very thin, toss them in the coconut oil and salt, place on the baking sheet and pop them in the oven (425) for 20 minutes (10 minutes per side), check on them and turn over after 10 minutes, so each side gets some love.


Once they cool, you can separate them into ziplock bags and toss them in your purse as a snack for later. Or enjoy them right then and there at least one, you know to test it out.

* I use the chipotle sauce to dip them in, yeah that was awesome!


Thanks for showing some love, friends! I hope these tips keep you motivated, focused, and helped you realize that food can still be awesome even with a few healthier modifications. It truly boils down to this, when you treat your body good, it will treat you even better.


Please comment below, share some recipes, let me know how the ones I provided turned out.








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