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    • I am not a trainer, fitness specialist, or food nutritionist. I am a woman who has faced the challenges of staying fit, understanding nutrition, eating the correct foods and choosing the veracious exercises that I find enjoyable. I am always training my mind, becoming more discipline, and learning to surround myself with the right people. Hello, everyone, my name is Leticia. I love drinking coffee (soy lattes to be specific), traveling, and working out (except running). I also think I have an awesome sense of humor. My favorite movie is “White Chicks,” and I like to think I am a pretty straightforward gal.


      So, I originally created content in the form of a book, then a blog, and NOW, I have decided it would be fun as a Podcast. There has been this calling to create something where I can share my story, what I have learned and what I am currently learning, because friends, we are always learning, and the cool part there will always be something to learn. Living a life of health and wellness can be challenging if you’re not someone who came out the womb with a barbell in your hand, so understanding fitness, let alone living a healthy lifestyle every day can be tricky So much so, giving up seems much easier. However, I am here to say that there are tips and modifications you can use every day along your fitness journey to keep you focused on what matters; YOU!


      Ladies specifically, let me talk to you for a second. Have you experienced the moment your jeans don’t fit? How about buying bigger clothes to hide parts of your body you are unhappy with? Or trying on clothes at your favorite store and nothing fits? Have you had that moment you look in the mirror and say to yourself “When did I let myself go?” I know the fellas out there have had similar experiences too. Well, I had all those moments more than once (one too many). But in the last 5 years, I have been living a completely different lifestyle. One that is with discipline (that is key), and two being in tune with myself by allowing myself to be open to learning. I don't just mean learning the proper form of a push-up or a new recipe but learning about me. What do I like? What don't I like? What am I willing to change? What am I not willing to change? Through that process, I feel happy to live in my body. So, how did I get here? Well, welcome to Fitness and Lattes, this is a place where I will share tips, advice, and ideas based on my experience. There are things I have tried, failed, succeeded, or currently continue to implement into my everyday lifestyle.


      My best conversations are usually with friends or colleagues at a coffee shop, and since we are virtual friends this Podcast will bring that experience. So without further ado let’s get it started it in here (where are the Black Eyed Peas?....Random thought...I might do that from time to time).


      Yours truly,



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